Tableaux de Provence

Time to recognize Paule Maurice. Students, family, friends can share a story...

Sarah Field and Tableaux de Provence

Sarah Field is an exraordinary instrumentalist performing on both saxophone and trumpet. For more information visit her website at Fields wrote a three page article in the Autumn, 2001 issue of Clarinet and Saxophone, which is the official publication of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britiain, about Paule Maurice and Tableaux de Provence. During a phone interview, October 13, 2009, Sarah Field stated that there was literally nothing about Maurice anywhere other than a very small entry in the British Library. The only other source were liner notes of a few recordings. She did not have the luxury of sources such as Dr. James Umble's book, Jean-Marie Londeix: Master of the Modern Saxophone, Jean-Marie Londeix's A Comprehensive Guide To The Saxophone Repertoire, 1844-2003, and at the time she was preparing the article. It is one of the largest in-depth articles concerning Paule Maurice, her life, music, and the treatment of Tableaux de Provence. It is certainly the first pulished article in a journal, and a well deserved one. We can thank Sarah Field for helping to bring this composer to the forefront, among other accomplishments. We have been granted permission by the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain to publish the article on our website. Enjoy your read! 


























































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