Tableaux de Provence

Time to recognize Paule Maurice. Students, family, friends can share a story...

Jean-Marie Londeix, saxophonist extraordinaire, revered teacher, and author of the fantastic book, A Comprehensive Guide To The Saxophone Repertoire, 1844-2003, premiered Tableaux De Provence on December 9th, 1958 with the Orchestra Symphonique Brestois directed by Paule Maurice's husband, Pierre Lantier. We must be grateful to M. Londeix because without his mindfulness throughout the years in keeping his memorabilia and documents, we might have nothing to help document the story of Paule Maurice. For more information and audio of the five movements of Tableaux de Provence performed by Jean-Marie Londeix, please visit and A more in depth look at Jean-Marie Londeix life and accomplishements can be found in James C. Umble's book, Jean-Marie Londeix: Master of the Modern Saxophone, with foreward by Dr. William Street of the University of Alberta, Canada, and translations by Michele Gingras of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio and Herve Corbe. On pages 264-266 there is integral information concerning Paule Maurice that is documented. M. Londeix is the expert regarding Paule Maurice. This book is a must have for the student of classical saxophone and music history in general. Jean-Marie Londeix is one of the true masters of the classical saxophone and has mentored scores of students who have gone on to teach around the world. Here are two tribute videos honoring Jean-Marie Londeix:"></param><param"></param><param


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