Tableaux de Provence

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Claude Delangle and Tableaux de Provence

Claude Delangle is another extraordinary teacher and performer of classical saxophone. In 1988 he was appointed professor of saxophone to the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris following Marcel Mule's gifted student, Daniel Deffayet. His rendition of Tableaux De Provence from his A la Francaise CD, most notably movement V, Le Cabridan, is testament to his exquisite abilities and technique regarding the "French style" of saxophone playing. He is joined on piano by his wife, Odile Delangle, on this release. Claude Delangle again displays his talents on a 2007 recording of Tableaux De Provence with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra on the Under The Sign Of The Sun CD illustrating the timeless nature of this beautifully written piece. In a 2009 email, Professor Delangle stated that "Paule Maurice was not a prominent composer. But she wrote such beautiful pages." To learn more about Claude Delangle and his contribution to the art of classical saxophone please visit his website at:

Here is the URL of an interview with Marcel Mule conducted by Claude Delangle. A must read for those who wish to study saxophone history: 

The following links will give you more insight into this gifted musician and educator:

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